Is France ahead of us in building their EV infrastructure?



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    Right now – not really. Their largest energy company, EDF, is working with Toyota to develop it, but it’s currently only in testing stages. If that goes well, we’ll be far behind. We do have a few charging stations, with a pretty large number only in California.

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    Evidently French President Sarkozy stated that the government would pledge 400 million euros to an EV power infrastructure, but I’m sure the EU economy may have stalled this plan. Sarkozy would also like to see over 50,000 new EV’s on the road in the next few years. Here in America we can’t even agree on alternative energy plans, let alone new infrastructure to support it. EV’s, solar power and other technologies still have the “underpowered and overly-expensive” stigma in this country, and I’m not sure how long it will take for America to rid itself of its biggest addiction: oil. 

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