Is the ford fusion the most eco friendly car that Ford has?



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    Yes, it looks like the Fusion hybrid is Ford’s most eco-friendly car. The 2011 model has impressive fuel economy with 41/36 mpg. The mileage is slightly less than that of a Prius, but reviewers point out that the Fusion drives much better. Based on reviews, it is ranked as one of the most popular hybrid options available.

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    The Ford Fusion Hybrid boasts a 39 mpg on the highway and 41 mpg for city driving. Thus far, the Fusion Hybrid appears to be the most fuel efficient Ford vehicle. Notable runner-ups are the Fiesta and the Focus, which both get 40 mpg on the highway and about 28 mpg in city with the SFE Package. 

    Although hybrid cars are more fuel efficient, the lithium batteries do need to be replaced, are made from a limited resource of lithium, and are pollutants when thrown in landfills. 


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