Is fools gold worth anything?



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    Pyrite (fool’s gold) is worth about $20.00 per pound.  It’s only real commercial value is that because it is a sulfide, it can be used to make sulfuric acid.  Pyrite is brittle and tarnishes brown, making it an unsuitable substance for making jewelry.

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    Some collector specimens are worth alot. Perfect cube crystals from Spain are worth so much. Pyrite is also valuable becuase of the sulfuric acid. When you have a fool’s gold to be shaped like a small rock or tooth, you may have something worth alot! Just keep an eye out and learn that gold is a form of brassy yellow metal. 

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    Fool’s gold doesn’t have the precious metal value of real gold, though it has other worthy uses. Pyrite is used to make sulfuric acid, an industrial chemical that’s second in importance only to water. Sulfuric acid is involved in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, alcohol, paints, pesticides, rayon, and rubber.

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