Is food waste is a good idea to feed pets in animal shelters like SPCA?

In my country, the animal caretakers finding it difficult to get donations to feed the pets in their shelter homes. Is it advisable to collect leftovers i.e leftovers left on plates before it is thrown into dustbines by food shops and give it to them to feed the pets?



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    I would not recommend feeding pets a lot of leftovers, but if it is their only means of survival then it is better than starving to death. The problem with leftovers is that they may contain foods that dogs or cats are allergic to. For example, dogs should not eat onions, grapes, raisins or chocolate. Also, bread is thought to be pretty bad for them. Spices and flavors on food can irritate dogs stomaches, so they may end up even sicker. If you must give them people food, try to rice and plain chicken, and cooked veggies. But ultimately, it is best for the animals to find a way to give them pet food, for it has the balanced nutrition they need to stay healthy. 

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