Is flying an airplane the most efficient way to travel?



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    No ,it is not so . Every vehicle has its own risky and enjoyable points .Piolets do a great job while flying a Planes . They don’t have roads , sign board, traffic lights and even a route maps. They need to find directions through signals claiming east ,west,south or north direction.Planes need many litres of harmful gases and fuels to run just an hour.Ithink it is not an eco-friendly traveling

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    That depends on how many people you are traveling with. If you are bringing a whole family with you, then driving is way better than flying. Trains are a good way to go if you are traveling alone. I often take a train when I go to visit my parents. I like trains because I can read or do something productive on my computer while I am traveling. Here is an article with a much more detailed analysis of how to travel eco-friendly.

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