Is Fluoridated water bad for my pets?

San Diego started fluoridating the water just this week to my dismay. I only drink RO water, but I use the standard carbon filter on my sink for my pets, which does not filter out fluoride. If fluoride can affect people, can it affect my cats or bird?



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    There is a huge debate over flouride in the water, with big claims on both sides. Animals with teeth should experience the same dental benefits as humans, and even fish seem to do fine in fluoridated water.

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    Flouride is dangerously  toxic in significant quanities, though what determines a toxic amount varies from organism to organism. Research has been performed on levels of flouride toxicity on humans as well as animals, and proponents argue that the levels are low enough for both to use tap water safely, albeit dental flourousis is a common occurence. Little solid evidence is avalable regarding how harmful flouride in tap water is to pets, but risks may be increased for very small pets.

    It should also be noted that little account has been made for the flouride animals ingest from the water used to make their food, as well as to water the vegetables or grass they may eat.

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