Is fluoridated water bad for the environment?



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    While fluoridated water has been hailed as one of the greatest health advancements in recent history, many are now becoming concerned about the impact that fluoride has on humans, animals and plants.  While fluoride is beneficial to humans (or at least to our teeth) in small doses, in greater quantities it can have serious health consequences.  As for the environment, the findings have been pretty much the same:  in small doses, it’s no big deal, but in larger doses it is dangerous, and even deadly, to many plants and animals.

    While those in favor of fluoridated water insist that water is adequately cleaned to remove fluoride before it enters any waterways or soil, this does not account for water deposited directly from the tap into the environments (by watering plants, say, or dumping out a kiddie pool).

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    Our water is fluoridated, and we use this water for watering the plants and lawn. We haven’t seen any negative effects from doing so, so I would say that it’s pretty safe in small doses. Anything in large doses is most likely going to be harmful, so it’s best to use all things in moderation. Granted, it’s hard to measure how much fluoride you are pumping into your plants with tap water, but I’d like to trust that the water company knows what levels are safe for humans and the environment. 

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