Is flooding more common in areas that have been deforested?



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    I don’t know if flooding is more common in deforested areas, as that would depend on how much precipitation the area receives in the first place. However, deforestation does result in increased amounts of surface runoff when it rains.

    A study conducted by Charles Darwin University and the National University of Singapore calculated that a 10% loss in forest cover can increase the risk of flooding by as much as 28%. But I would add that flooding would only occur if the area receives heavy rainfall after deforestation.

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    If you remove trees and other vegetation from an area, you remove the potential for gallons upon gallons of water use and storage by the vegetation.  Trees and plants are capable of holding water in their roots, trunks, branches, and leaves.  This combined with much greater erosion from runoff due to deforestation (no roots holding soil in place), the risk for flooding is greatly increased.  To reiterate the findings of the research performed by Charles Darwin University and the National University of Singapore, deforesting land by only 10% increases the flood potential and severity by 28%.  Thinking of the major floods recently in the world, I wonder how much of an impact deforestation have in the floods of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

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    Definitely. Deforestation removes the trees that hold the soil together causing greater erosion and flooding. Deforestation also greatly increases the chance of mudslides when flooding occurs. Trees change the texture of a hill, allowing for water to be caught in pockets. However, when the trees are removed, the water has nothing preventing it form flowing, increasing the risk of flooding. 

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    Deforested lands as well as lands with poor or inadequate soil are at risk for floods. Therefore, trees are very important because their roots keep soil together and improve soil quality, which in turn prevent erosion. Trees help soil take in water by slowing down the flow of water and allowing water to seep through grounds in order to restore the water table. Because trees prevent runoff and soil erosion, floods are prevented because large collections of water are not gathered and rushed to one area. Deforestation does not help prevent floods because there are no trees to slow down the running water.

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    The preceding answers are suppprted by me as correct.

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