Is flooding the biggest environmental threat to Pacific island nations?



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    Probably, but there are other significant threats as well. Most small island nations in the Pacific lie at very low elevations, and with seas rising due to global warming they are most at risk. Since these countries, which usually lack significant resources or industry (except tourism in some places), are usually poor, they are among the least-equipped nations to deal with these threats. However, other factors are impacting the environment in the Pacific as well, such as the acidification of the oceans which affects the ecosystems of fish upon which the populations of these islands depends. Another threat is the loss of coral reef habitat which also adversely effects the marine environments and hence the islands’ stability. Some islands have even more problems to deal with. In the Cold War era, above-ground testing of nuclear weapons was common, especially by the United States and France, and many islands show increased incidences of cancers and other long-term health problems linked to lingering effects of nuclear radiation.

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