Is the Fisker project nina one of the biggest projects of its kind?



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    Certainly it’s one of the most ambitious. Fisker, a small American automaker based in California, has announced its intention to develop and sell the NINA, a plug-in hybrid that it intends for the mass auto market, but details are sketchy because the NINA is still a drawing board idea at this stage and won’t even be out until 2014. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop the company from getting a $529 million loan from the US Department of Energy to develop the car, which certainly is big news and indicates that somebody somewhere thinks the NINA has significant potential. The Fisker company has not released any design information and all we really know about the NINA is that it will be priced about $39,000 (after a $7500 federal tax credit) and that they hope to sell 100,000 of them. Will it work? Only time will tell, but Fisker’s experience certainly demonstrates the level of interest there is at the corporate level in developing a plug-in hybrid that can be competitive with traditional gasoline powered cars.

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