Is the Fisker Karma a good car now that people are starting to buy them?



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    Whether people are buying the car or not, the Fisker Karma model is a better car than most, as it’s a plug-in electric vehicle and environmentally friendly. Moreover, it’s pretty stylish – with similar views to the Mercedes-Benz roadster. The Fisker Karma has high impact performance with low impact on the environment. Some of its features include a solar roof, which adds an additional 200 annual miles, interior wood trim that is 100% sustainably sourced, and low energy LED lighting throughout the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

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    I agree with the previous answer, the Fisker Karma seems like a “good car” regardless if it is popular. According to the Daily Tech, the car has sold out until early 2012. However, keep in mind it’s not a compete EV vehicle.

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