Is fishing an eco-friendly hobby?



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    As a hobby, fishing is generally eco-friendly because it does not require electricity, and the removal of a few fish from an ecosystem will not have any long term effect (unless the fish an endangered species of something). As an industry, fishing can be very detrimental to an ecosystem if a company extracts too much fish, which could ultimately lead to the extinction of a whole species of fish.

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    The sport of fishing requires water capable of supporting a healthy amount of fish. To sustain fish populations in various areas for future fisherman enjoyment, there are regulations on the amount of fish one can keep. There are also cases where people and organizations alter the fish habitat to create a better habitat to support more fish. An example of this in the ocean is when large ships are retired and sunk out at seas to create artificial reefs. An example of this in freshwater are stream improvements like inserting large boulders or digging out deep runs. Since people like to fish, there are organizations working to keep fishing a sustainable hobby. 

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