Is fish from Vietnam safe to eat?

I saw a movie on Netflix awhile back entitled, “Battle’s Poison Cloud” which showed the extensive damage done to land and water in Vietnam by the use of Agent Orange, and, it also showed 2nd and 3rd generation birth defects beleaved to be caused by Agent Orange.



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    Theoretically the food should be safe.  It is the job of the U.S. FDA to regulate food safety in the U.S. and ensure food is”safe, wholesome, and not misbranded or deceptively packaged.” This does not always happen as it should. Not every manufacturer and every fish can be tested to guarantee that the food is safe. With cracks in the system and manufacturers looking to boost profits, food for Vietnam can never be guaranteed to be safe.

    While I have not heard of a case of Agent Orange being transmitted from fish from Vietnam there are numerous other concerns of exported fish from the country. Most fish are raised in the Mekong Delta which is known to be one of the most contaminated and polluted rivers in the world. Companies in this area dump chemicals directly into the river, the same river that the fish grow in. With all of these chemicals in the water of the Mekong Delta it would be very risky to consume fish raised there.

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