For the first time in over 50 years, our many shagbark hickory trees have not produced any nuts this year. Why?

We live in Southwestern Ontario, near Windsor.



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    Shagbark hickory trees (Carya ovata), named for their “shaggy” bark, are known to produce nuts in intervals of one to three years, producing small crops or sometimes none at all.  Most shagbark hickory trees grow to commercial harvesting around 60 years.  Your tree should produce nuts next year.  This year was probably an interval year, so don’t give up hope!

    The nuts from this type of tree are eaten by people and used in a similar way as pecans.  Several species of wild animals eat the nuts as well, such as mallards, wood ducks, turkeys, and bobwhites.

    Shagbark Hickory tree nut (

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