fiberglass gelcoat toxicity

Does a fiberglass gelcoat tank leech toxic chemicals into the 82 degree F water that is in it? And are there any types of plumbing fitting and pipe that can be used besides PVC, due to PVC’s toxicity? Thank you much ….Jim C.



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    Fiberglass gelcoat has been ruled to give off toxic fumes and break down in the long term by the EPA and OSHA. However, there are healthier and more eco-friendly options you can use. A company called EcoSmart Epoxy Systems have created a Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer, which they claim is the strongest mat in the world and the natrual choice for boats. The material is industrial grade and one layer of this mat is equal to 2ft of concrete in strength and is 17 times more flexible. Their gelcoat is non-toxic as well as odorless, will not peel, flake or chalk and is highly resistant to abrasions.

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