Is a Ferrari hybrid kind of ridiculous?



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    I think it’s kind of AWESOME. In fact, not kind of, but just plain awesome. What we need is more of such brands making more environmentally friendly cars, so that nobody shopping for ┬áhybrids can complain that current ones are too ugly or that they want a sports car so can’t have a hybrid.

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      I see what your saying and I guess people are going to drive ferrari’s no matter what so why not be a hybrid. But… I am wondering how much more efficient such a car would be. Maybe 2 miles a gallon more if that. Cool idea but still not very practical but then again when is a Ferrari ever really practical right. ­čÖé

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      Well, they do have good technology, maybe then can achieve some decent improvements. Based on a CNET article, the new hybrid is supposed to be shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March of this year, which is very soon, so look for news about it – maybe they’ll include some specs. And I agree, of course Ferrari is bought because it’s a Ferrari, not because of fuel-efficiency. Here’s the article, by the way:

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      Thanks either way this car is going to be awesome I love Ferrari’s I just think its funny that they are going after the eco friendly multi millionaire with this car.

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    I personally think that before any more hybrids are produced the issue of their batteries need to be addressed. There have been a lot of concerns over the past few years about how hybrid batteries are made, how much shipping (and subsequent emissions) goes on in their production and how they will be disposed of when the batteries eventually go out. If hybrids could have refillable batteries that could be recycled into usable batteries again then they would not have such a terrible waste stream. With hybrids, I feel we are ignoring new problems that arise from them just to say we are helping one problem (emissions). Battery waste is a serious issue that should not be ignored so people can feel ‘green’. 

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    Car manufacturers that produce such hybrids are only doing so to get away from government taxes. Fitting a small electric engine into a sports car or luxury car won’t make it more environmentally friendly or use less fuel. Some of these cars still have outrageous fuel economy, sometimes consuming more than the same car without electric backup, simple because of the weight penalty. Most of these car’s hybrid drives can barely move the car on their own. These are good ideas, but the first generation of such cars are bound to be a let down. 

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