Is farm raised tilapia an eco friendly fish option?



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    Farm-raised tilapia is an eco-friendly fish option if it is raised in the U.S. American tilapia farms adhere to stricter regulations on how the fish are raised and contain the fish in a tank to prevent escape or pollution. Tilapia raised in South America or Asia (which make up most of the tilapia market) are fed different foods and chemicals which can be harmful to humans, and they have a greater chance of escaping and wreaking havoc on the ecosystem.

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    I agree with Mjb3421. Tilapia is only a good option if it is raised in America and in a controlled environment. There are far too many health risks involved with consuming Tilapia from China or Taiwan. Tilapia are a great fish though. They have become very popular and farms particularly like them due to the fact that they provide more protein than it takes to raise them. Fish like salmon and tuna often use more. These farms raise Tilapia inland which protects native species found in local bodies of water. This process also guards against pollution. It’s a very eco-friendly process.

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