Is fair trade certified clothing expensive?



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    Well, according to this article the U.S. just began importing fair-trade clothing in July of this year.  the answer, for now, is yes.  Tompkins Point sells fair-trade polo shirts for about $50.00 a piece.

    Look — if by expensive you mean more than you’re paying for jeans at a store in the mall, then obviously; those are made for virtually nothing in third world sweat shops, and STILL you’re paying about $70. charges about $179 per pair. runs from $158 – $178 per pair of jeans.

    I guess you’d just need to ask yourself, Is it worth it?

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    If you are looking for some fair trade, organic and beautifully made clothes check out Jonano.  It’s a Pittsburgh, PA based grassroots company on the rise. They’re all about ethics and their clothes are incredibly well made.  Some of the prices are on the higher end but you can always find a deal. 

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    Fair trade is an interesting term. In the textile business it is often misused or even lied about.

    As the founder of a Thai village handmade silk community business we often see certain exporters who are claiming the be “fair traders” but in reality they are paying a pittance to financially poor rural Thai silk weavers and making a fortune in export sales – often these companies are not even based in Thailand.

    As a remote Thai village business where ALL profits are shared to improve lifestyles and children’s education opportunities we have also received queries about our “fair trade” situation.

    For your interest I have attached the blog post that details the initial quey and our response to this issue about “Fair Trade”



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