facts about chipmunks



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    Chipmunks lifespan is about 2-3 years in the wild and 5-8 years in captivity.  Chipmunks take an average of about 75 breaths a minute.  A chipmunk can carry nine nuts at a time.  The eastern chipmunk has two fewer grinding teeth than other chipmunks.

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    They weigh around 1 – 5 (28 – 142 grams). Although they hibernate during winter, they don’t store fat, but instead they periodically dip into their cache of nuts and seeds throughout the winter. They are found in North America, Northern Europe and most part of Russia. Their diet is omnivore. 

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    Chipmunks are from the genus Tamias and are native to North America and Asia.The genus contains 25 species with one in Northeastern Asia, one in Eastern North America and the rest native to western North America. Chipmunks have an omniverous diet with their diet ranging ,from nuts, acorns, and seeds to insects, bird eggs, snails, and even small mammals like young mice. Chipmunks reproduce once or twice a year and produce litters of four or five.

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