is factory farming with chickens, cows ect… leagal?



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    Despite the cruel methods practiced, factory farming is legal and accounts for more than 99% of all animals raised for slaughter in the United States. Chickens, cows, pigs, and even fish are confined to factory farms and make up the more than 16 billion animals killed for food every year.

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    Sadly it is, and in fact is the more prevalent practice within the produce industry. Factory farming refers to the crowding of large numbers of animals in extremely cramped conditions. Within the US, the majority of farms are large, corporate-owned enterprises – 40 percent of all animals are raised by just two percent of the total number of livestock farms. To take pigs as an example, approximately 79% of all pigs are raised on factory farms. While there are laws governing aspects of factory farming – how the animals are slaughtered, how their waste is disposed of, how the meat is stored after – the practise itself is not illegal (and as exhibited by PETA’s many investigations, abuses of these laws abound).

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    Factory farming and monoculture are legal forms of raising animals and crops. These animals don’t have much of a life, and are sick or distressed for the entire portion of its small life. There are many protesters and animal rights activists who are working to ban factory farms and other types of animal cruelty.

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    It does seem as if the way in which factory farming conducts it’s business it would be considered cruel, and illegal, but it is not.  The practices are not only horrible for the animals, but have a significant cost to the environment and to human health and welfare as well.

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