Is Fabreeze eco-friendly?



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    Not exactly. Febreze is filled with chemicals and its main active ingredient is Cyclodextrin, which binds or entraps various hydrophobic compounds that cause odors. If you want to be more eco-friendly, I suggest this natural home made version :

    8 drops lavendar oil
    4 drops each bergamot and clove oil
    2 drops oil of peppermint
    1/2 cup vodka
    1/2 cup distilled water

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    Febreeze is definitely not eco-friendly as it is made of chemicals, and when you spray it around the room, these chemicals spread everywhere. Contrary to their advertisements, Febreeze simply traps odors and does not help to eliminate them. Use scented candles, bowls of vinegar, or simply try opening up all your windows and doors for a while.

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    Synthetic fragrances in general are not eco-friendly.  Like nadeged recommended, essential oil blends are a great way to eliminate odor AND disinfect.  Citrus oils are especially good for cleansing benefits.  Opening windows to let in the fresh air are understated, but making a great comeback.

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    Conversely, suppose you are using febreeze instead of doing a half-full load of laundry because you just need this one shirt to wear in tonight.  I would say, in this instance febreeze is more environementally friendly because you can delay the water and electricity costs of doing your laundry. 

    Also, febreeze has been given the ASPCA stamp of approval for use in households with pets (except remove your birds while spraying) stating that it is non-toxic to animals.

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