Is Exxon Mobil and ethical oil company?



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    With all respect to the word ethical, no, not really.  Exxon-Mobil was the first corporation to make one billion dollars in a single day in 2007 and apparently they want to keep it that way — at any price.  Because of their size, it has been calculated that Exxon-Mobil contributes a total of 5% of the world’s entire CO2 emissions.  In addition, they are the ONLY oil company that doesn’t actively acknowledge any climate change.  In fact, not only do they not recognize climate change but for awhile they were funding independent scientists who were willing to rally against climate change and actually support the opposite! 

    Luckily they’ve stopped that nonsense — for now — though they do still make donations to groups such as the Heartland Institute and the Competitive Enterprise Institute which experts believe have had a serious impact on the coverage and seriousness of the climate change movement. 

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    Much of Exxon’s heavy marketing to make itself appear green is a response to the negative publicity they recieved after their 1989 oil spill. Any oil company that causes a spill will scramble to get its good image back. So, It’s not really a case of being green or not. Just lucky or unlucky!

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    I don’t think that Exxon was “unlucky” in having to respond to an oil spill that was likely caused by insufficient supervision by a very possibly drunk captain and an overworked helmsman and third mate that failed to return the ship to its route when they were supposed to. They also departed from their traffic lane without permission or letting traffic control know that that was what they were doing. This is not luck, this is negligence and oversight.

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