explain these types of convergent boundaries; ocianic-ocianic,ocianic-continental, continental-continental? give examples

i need to know what plates are involved and what type of land formations or trenches are formed.



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    Well, the plates that are involved are exactly as you mention. In an oceanic-oceanic convergent plate boundary there are two plates that for the oceanic shelf colliding.  Likewise for continental-continental it is two continental plates and for oceaninc-continental, it is one continental plate and one oceanic plate.  The different formations will depend on which plate is pushed where.  In the example of a continental-oceanic boundary, the oceanic plate which is thinner and more dense will get pushed below the thicker, but less dense continental plate.  To learn more, view the webiste below, it has more explaination and animations (or consult your text book).

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    This question sounds a lot like a homework question. If you are trying to use GreenAnswers to do your homework you won’t learn as much as you would otherwise. Its a great resource for some help as I have used it myself but try to do the work yourself it will be a lot more beneficial.

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