explain human impacts on inviroment



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    Humanity, like anything else on this planet, affects the environment around it, though humans have managed to do so in a much more extreme way. We are unique in that instead of simply adapting to our surroundings, we make the surroundings adapt to use by building things and destroying other things to make way for our own ingenuity. Pollution is a major concern, because it systematically poisons the air, water and land we depend on for survival. Destruction of ecosystems of other animal and plant species kills and displaces dwindling populations as our own grows. Also, as our population grows, we use resources faster than they can regenerate (overfishing, extreme mining, deforestation, clean water waste, etc.), resulting in drastic drops of supply for the world. It is for these reasons why today’s generation must work toward reusing, recycling, rebuilding and cleansing this earth, so that future generations will not suffer.

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