Explain the different parts of A.C. Generator.



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    Synchronous Motors & its Uses: These motors have the rotor rotating at the same speed as the speed of revolving of the stator in progress. In other words, we can say these motors don’t have lost your balance with deference to the stator current. They are occasionally second-hand no to drive the load but in its place act as “synchronous condenser”, to get better the power issue of the local grid to which it is connected to. These kinds of motors are used even in far above the earth precision positioning devices like modern robots. They can also act as stepper motors.

    Asynchronous Motors & its Uses: The most ordinary form of motor which is used in daily life from pump water up the in the clouds tank to power plant boiler feed pumps, these variety of motors rule. These motors are very flexible to use and matches the load demand almost for everything.


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