Is the exhaust from two stroke engines worse than 4 stroke engines?



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    While most two-stroke engines in use today have higher emissions per unit of fuel combusted than standard four-stroke gasoline engines, the higher emissions appear to result from use of old equipment rather than an inherent design drawback of two-stroke engines in general. The most common use of two-stroke engine design today is in the motorcycles and motorized scooters popular for transportation in much of Asia. Additionally, most of these two-stroke engines burn a mixture of oil and gasoline that contains more impurities and does not burn as cleanly as pure gasoline used in newer engines.

    There is some interest within the motor sporting and amateur automobile tinkering community on clean-burning two-stroke engines for small vehicles and a few other applications, and with well-designed air intake and combustion systems there is no reason a two-stroke engine can’t burn just as clean as modern commercial diesel or gasoline engines. Check the second link below for an example of a commercially available clean-burn two-stroke engine.

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