Examples of non biodegrable waste found in kitchen



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    Anything that is natural is biodegradable (for the most part) so anything else would be conisdered nonbiodegrable.

    Let us consider what is in the kitchen that does not biodegrade:

    Pots and Pans – please give to a metal recyclery

    Plastics bottles, packaging, and utensils – please recycle if possible

    Glass -although technically degradable, not considered biodegradable

    metals- aluminum and tin cans or foil – please recycle or dispose of properly

    appliances – there are centers that deal with these

    styrofoam – nasty stuff

    Cleaning supplies – most are full of chemicals and are toxic not only to you but the environment as well

    magnets – donate them or dispose of properly

    utensils – donateor give to a metal recyclery

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