examples of exotic species



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    An exotic species is one which has been placed into a habitat where it is not native. In North America, exotic species include zebra mussles, Japanese beetles, kudzu, gypsy moths, and Japanese honeysuckles. They can become a problem because they change the current ecosystem. Of course, these plants and animals are not considered exotic in their native lands. 

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    First of all, an exotic species is a species that is not native to the land. Exotic species are the cause of biodiversity loss in many aquatic ecosystems. The term refers to a non-native plant or animal that has been deliberately or accidentally introduced into a new habitat where they have never been before.

    Exotic species have a negative effect on the environment. economy,and human health. They casue an increase in predation, competition, disease, habitat destruction, genetic stock alterations and extinctions. Approximately, the loss of 68% of fish in North America over the last century are caused by exotic species

    Some examples of exotic species are mollusks who attach themselves to ships in one port and fall off naturally or during cleaning at the destination. Another example is the Kudzu. Thevine is native to Japan and was brought to the United States in 1876. The fast growing vine was at first praised for its help with erosion but then the vine began taking over. Spreading across the United States, they move as fast as covering 150,000 acres a year. The third example  of an exotic species is the Black Rat. Native to tropical Asia but they have reached Europe by the first century AD before they began spreading around the world. They were able to do that by hitching rides on ships.

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