example of man made ecosystem and natural ecosystem



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    The real difference between a natural ecosystem and a man-made one is simple: one was created by man, and the other was not. A forest, for instance, is a natural ecosystem because humans themselves did not put the trees and animals there; they are there on their own accord by nature. A park, on the other hand, can be considered a man-made ecosystem. Workers planted the grass, trees, walkways, and maybe even a little lake; animals can be placed there (like fish) or find their way there as a matter of convenience (birds and small animals). Another man-made example is an artificial reef, in which someone will purposely sink a decommissioned ship in a certain part of a body of water so that traditional reef-dwelling sea creatures can make their home among the wreak as they would coral or a rock formation. As natural ecosystems are destroyed, man tries to recreate them by his own hand to give ecosystems a boost.

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