With everything considered s it cheaper to commute by bike than it is by car?



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    Yes, absolutely.  While the most expensive bikes can cost as much as an inexpensive car, you don’t need to fill it with gas, pay to park it, or pay for insurance.  Buying a bike, helmet, light, bike shoes and a spandex outfit (of course that is optional) would probablly set you back between $500 and $5000 depending on the bike.  Plus think of what great health you will be in after biking to and from work, that could even help you save on health care costs.  I suppose you might see an increase in your food costs, but that is minimal compared to what you should save on gas.

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    I agree, it is definitely cheaper to commute by bike.  You don’t have any high monthly payments with a bike, just the initial investment.  Of course there will be repairs occasionally, but they usually range from $15-150 instead of $150-1500 like with a car.  The only thing I would really worry about is being around car exhaust too much, but that can be avoided by staying off of major streets when possible. And you’ll definitely save money on a gym membership! 

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