Is everyone’s fingerprint completely different?



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    Yes, every person has a different fingerprint (even identical twins), and because fingerprints are affected by the direction and pressure when they’re made, two fingerprints made by the same person are also never exactly alike.

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    It has not been proven that every single person in the world has a different fingerprint, as they would be extremely difficult to determine. It would require investigating everyone’s fingerprints in the world, an impossible task. However, it is assumed to be true that everyone’s fingerprint is different because the opposite has yet to be proven. This means that because it has never been proven that two people have the same fingerprints, even in identical twins, the theory is held true because it has never been proven false. For now, though, it is pretty safe to say that everyone has completely different fingerprints.

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    It’s impossible to prove, but theoretically, yes they’re all different.

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