With everyone interested in becoming green or eco friendly why do you think our public transportation is still doing so poorly?



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    Most public transportation is not up to date or reliable.  Many places, it takes much longer to use public transportation than it does to drive yourself.  People are interested in saving money and time.  If public transportation was easier to use and convenient while saving money then many more people would be inclined to use it.

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    One way of addressing this question is through the wording of it.  Not ‘Everyone’ is interested in becoming green and eco friendly.  There still exist many government subsidies for oil and gas development, big industry leaders, for the most part, seem more concerned with how to make the largest possible profit and could really care less about the negatives associated with their pursuit.  The balance of power still resides with big money oil and gas, not green and renewable resources.  This has a direct impact on many industries, such as transportation.  When we are funding green projects more heavily, and there is more money to be made in cleaner energy, we will see a shift toward using these resources more efficiently in many different ways.  

    I am excited for this to happen, I am just not sure when it will.  A recent study in the USA asked if people thought there was solid evidence that the earth was warming.  Nearly 30% of people answered No or that they were Unsure.  This is ludicrous when there is sufficient scientific evidence to prove that the world is warming, and the evidence has been there for years.  If evidence does not convince people, then I am not sure what will. 

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      I believe the main reason Americans do not “believe” that the world is warming is the use of the term Global Warming. This is basically a PR issue. People say, “where I live isn’t hotter, it’s actually snowing more!” therefore they think global warming isn’t real. What people need to understand is that the world is undergoing Climate Change and this is a global change, not just local. I believe that when knowledgeable people educate others about this issue, we need to make sure that we use Climate Change rather than Global Warming.

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      I could not agree with you more Lizzie. The term Global Warming is as dirty a term nowadays as Conspiracy Theorist. Although the meaning of both terms shouldn’t be so negative, media has done a fantastic job at molding public opinion.
      Thanks for your comment.

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    One, overall the United States is a individual car culture. Mass public transportation is not ingrained in the psyche like in Europe. Two, mass transportation even when available is not always convenient. The metro in DC is great but it does not go to most places in Georgetown, Reston and Fredrick where a lot of people commute from.

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    Frankly I believe it is because of our general view of public transportation as a whole, which is a poor outlook indeed. The current conceptions of public transportation are such things like being dirty, unsafe, time-consuming, and restrictive in terms of places it’ll take you. I can attest to these, having ridden the city bus to school for four years straight some time ago. Also, since the United States is such an individualistic nation, having a personal everything is part of the culture, and you are uncool if you take public transportation. I truly believe in automated electric train systems like monorails will be the key to pumping public transportation up, mostly because it counters most of the arguments against public transportation right now. They are clean, safe, reliable, and efficiently fast; they also do not require you to dig up the ground to put them underground, but rather above standard traffic. Also, in being above the regular traffic, they would not contribute to it like buses and taxis do.

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