Every year around this time, the little baby birds fall out of the nest. Should we try to save them or let the mother do what she is suppose to do or the foxes?!

We tried to feed them, but my husband was not too keen on chewing the worms and regurgitating them! Any advice would be appreciated.



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    My advice is to let nature take its course, but if feel you must do something, contact your local vet.  Remember, it is actually illegal to take posession of a wild animal and you will probably do more harm than good.

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    We’ve all heard a million times that if you touch a baby bird, the mother will abandon it because of your scent. This is simply not true. The best way to help a baby bird that has fallen from its nest is to return it to the nest so that it can be tended to by its mother.

    If the nest is not reachable, put the baby bird in a safe place where the mother can get to it, but not neighborhood cats. One idea is a hanging planter in the area of the nest.

    If the bird is injured and you feel like you can take on the responsibility of caring for it, there are ways to save the chick’s life. If you are unable to care for the chick and cannot find a way to let the bird’s mother find it, you can always call someone with experience in rehabilitating birds for help.

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    I understand the desire to save these birds that fall from the nest.  Of couse these things happen in the woods and there is nobody there to help them, but it is hard to ignore a helpless animal in your own yard. If the bird has not yet developed feathers, I agree with Kayceeann, if you can, put the chick out of harms way or back in the nest. It could be that this bird was purpously pushed out by a parasitic bird species.  Some birds lay their eggs in other species nests and leave them to be taken care of by the new mother.  When these babies hatch, they will often shove nest mates away to get all of the attention. 

    If the bird does have feathers though, it is likely just learning to fly and the parent is probaly watching from nearby.

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