Every morning as I go to work I get an orange juice and it says 100% juice, however it says its made from concentrate is it bad for me?



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    According to CNN, 100% juice made from concentrate is just as good as fresh juice (as long as it’s certified 100% juice).  The only difference is that juice made from concentrate had water extracted to condense for shipping purposes, and then water was readded.

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    There was a recent book published from the Yale University Press by Alissa Hamilton’s book Squeezed: What You Don’t Know About Orange Juice where the author points out that just because an orance juice states that it is not from concentrate does not mean its necessarily healthier or better for you.  Juices such as Minute Maid Premium, Tropicana or Simply Orange are advertised as being not from concentrate but it does not mean that these juices aren’t heavily processed.  Often these juices are stripped of flavor and oxygen during pasteurization and stored for up to a year, and then re-flavored before they are shipped out.  It’s always good to be aware of where your juice is coming from, generally the best way to tell is fresh orange juice has a quicker expiration date.

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