Ever heard of Google, people? ;)


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    Many people do not want to spend the time to read through all the information and are looking for a quick overview, particularly if it’s very technical or scientific.  Others may want a more thoughtful discussion or a different perspective than what may be available in a newspaper, website or a wiki posting.  Here they can get a quick, balanced answer and they can also comment directly with the poster for additional information or feedback!

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    Google is an internet mega-power that began in 1995 with the meeting of Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford… The name “Google” was chosen as a play on the word “googol,” a mathematical term used to refer to the number 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000



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    I often have the same question. Many questions here are indeed the sort that may be complex, obscure to research, and have diverse, non-pat answers. But I really don’t understand why someone would ask, here, a question like what is the largest city in Asia, or how big can a grizzly bear get, when they could have the answer in seconds on google. Most of the folks who answer even complex questions here probably go to google, unless it happens to be something in their expertise or they already know a particularly good reference site. I often feel like I’m just googling for the questioner.

    It also becomes increasingly frustrating to answer even complex questions that have been answered, sometimes repeatedly, and often very well by multiple respondents, right here. It makes me wonder if they understand what the “search” button can do. Or, it makes me think that people have become so dependent on being spoon-fed answers that they don’t or won’t bother clicking twice or typing more than three key words and spending two minutes checking the search results. Some questions are so obviously homework I wish they’d just be ignored.

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    Sometimes I wonder the same thing, but often people answer questions on here with extra information that may not be EXACTLY what the original question was asking about, but that adds to the knowledge base of everybody who reads it. I think that’s what’s greatabout GreenAnswers… that you can get on here and learn more than just what you were wondering about in the first place. 🙂

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      Totally. It’s kind of like Wikipedia–I’ll get on to look up one thing or start to research one answer, and then I’ll see an interesting question and click on it to see what the answer is, which will lead to another interesting-looking question… I get totally lost in it, it’s kind of fun 🙂

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    Good point.  🙂  I sometimes wonder who is it that is asking these questions?  Are we doing a elementary school student’s homework?  While I hope that student learns research skills, I do find it interesting reading and answering questions; it makes me look into questions that I haven’t thought about before.

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    And don’t forget that for every several posts made on Green Answers, a tree is planted.  So even though some of the questions are a bit straight-forward, at least the poster is doing some good by coming here!

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    I always really hope that people read the links provided and keep thinking about their topic. I hope they take the answer they get here to learn more. I also wonder how people hear about GreenAnswers, given that some questions indicate the asker may not be familiar with Google and other ways to search.

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    While I agree that often the questions just sound like homework (and try not to answer those) often some of the more obvious questions also sound like children voicing an interest in a topic, and asking others opinions. I remember being young and having an all-consuming passion for animals and forests, and I think if a site like GreenAnswers had been around back then, I would have asked loads of obvious questions about my favourite animals just to plant trees. But I agree, I love answering the questions and usually learn such a great deal, the obvious ones don’t bother me: )

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    a huge amount of people have heard of google, and it recieves a great deal of traffic. It ranks as the number one most visisted website wordwide.

    Hope this was helpful!

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