Is Europe greener than the U.S.?



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    The U.S. gained a reputation for being a gas-guzzling, CO2 emitting nightmare, especially throughout the Bush administration. However, California alone now stacks some pretty impressive green stats that compare to some entire countries of Europe (24% of Cali’s energy comes from renewable resources, 15% in Germany)

    With highly strict penalties for environmental crimes (when enforced), as opposed to Europe’s light punishments, the U.S. is considered to be on its way to out-greening Europe and Japan, who until this point have been seen as more environmentally sound than the U.S.

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    Europe also has much stricter rules on what chemicals can be used in products. The EU has banned many chemicals that are in some American cosmetics, and the EU banned genetically modified organisms. Many European countries also grow a much higher percent of organic food.

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