Is Europe becoming a leader in energy efficient design?



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    This question really requires more of an opinion than a factual answer, but the overall opinion seems to be yes. This is largely due to European compliance with the Kyoto treaty, while the U.S. opted out–though many programs have been implemented on a state-by-state basis. The Kyoto treaty required that European countries begin looking at more energy-efficient design, and much more quickly than the U.S. This has, perhaps most notably, extended to the way European cars are designed (e.g. the Smart Car).

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    In my opinion, they always have. They have faster and more comprehensive public transit. They encourage more people to walk and ride bikes, making cities far friendlier to pedestrians. They also tax gas more than in America, thereby encouraging people to drive less and seek alternative energy sources.  Just recently, scientists in the U.K. are encouraging everyone to eat far less meat in order to save energy and help the enviroment. People in the U.S. government would never do that, for fear of hurting the meat industry and losing votes.

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