Is eucalyptus a hallucinogen for koalas?



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    It has not been noted as a hallucinogen for koalas but rather a staple to their diet even with its low nutrional qualities. Koalas are able to eat many species of eucalyptus because of their liver’s ability to detoxify the chemicals in the leaves.

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    No, the koala does not experience any hallucinogenic effects from eating eucalyptus leaves; they simply derive moisture from them, since the leaves are composed of 50% water. Koalas have a specially adapted digestive system that allows them to detoxify the leaves and derive fiber from them.

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    No.  The eucalyptus is toxic, but the koalas are able to digest the plants due to their liver, which renders the toxin harmless, and their long gut, which enables them to get the most nutrition out of the plant.  Their slow movement and extremely long naps (up to 18 hours) might be explained by their low metabolic rate, rather than by any psychotropic effects.

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