Is erosion good or bad,and why?

Please tell me if its bad or good I really need this for a homework project!



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    That depend on whether you are talking about rocks eroding out in the middle of nowhere or whether you are talking about soil erosion specifically. If you are talking about rock erosion, then the process is neither good nor bad because nothing was growing on the rock. If you are talking about soil erosion, then it is bad because plants need soil to grow. If the soil gets washed away, then the plants will not have anywhere to put their roots. The Boy Scouts have a very good merit badge program on soil and water conservation. You might find some of their resources helpful.

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      thanks so much i really needed that you are the answer to my miracle now i have another quuestion if you lost a book called the black qualdron where would you look and what would you do?

      ps thanks so much life saver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u r d bomb!!!

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      You’re welcome! When I am looking for something, I usually just start cleaning the house until I find it. That way, I don’t waste any time and I get a clean house.

      If you think you lost it somewhere outside your home and you think it might be lost for good, you might want to buy another one online. is one of the most popular websites for buying books. However, you might get a better deal on I often used when buying my college textbooks because they are less expensive and have an eco-friendly shipping service.

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