The eRinGo EV looks fun is it going to be brought to manufacturing.



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    I doubt it. The eRinGo is a new design for an electric vehicle that uses three rings to propel itself, with two steering wheels. Sound unusual? Well, get a load of what it looks like:

    The design was introduced by Mohammed Ghezel of Tehran, Iran, but it’s more of a stunt vehicle than a serious attempt to introduce a new electric car design that could be viable for the mass market. Though it may have nothing to do with the validity of the vehicle’s design or how eco-friendly it is, the fact that it’s from Iran is probably one of the reasons why it won’t be marketed: due to its defiance of the world community on nuclear issues, most Western nations have economic sanctions against Iran enforced by law, so don’t expect an American, European or Japanese car manufacturer to buy the eRinGo design and start churning it out on assembly lines. I don’t even think the design will gain much traction (no pun intended) within Iran which has its own auto industry. In order to justify the tremendous cost in developing an automobile design and bringing it to market, there must be a good expectation of economic return on that investment. That’s as true in Tehran as it is in Detroit or Tokyo. The eRinGo is very innovative from an engineering standpoint, but I don’t expect the automotive buying public of Iran running right out to buy one, much less the rest of the world. Nevertheless, these radical prototypes such as the eRinGo are useful in expanding the boundaries of what it’s possible to do with electric vehicles, if not showing us what the distant future of transportation might look like.


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