Is the EPA trying to keep us from drilling for oil in America?



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    Sort of.  Obviously the EPA wants us to find alternative sources and does not want to see this country continue its addiction to oil.  However, there are many things that EPA can’t help, and it knows that.  So it isn’t like Greenpeace where they are out tying themselves to trees, but yes, EPA would rather us not keep drilling for oil.  Below is a link 

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    No, not really. The EPA’s task is to enforce the nation’s environmental laws, such as the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act and other federal statutes. There is not a federal law against oil drilling and the EPA cannot make one. What the EPA can do is to ensure that oil exploration projects are conducted responsibly and within the regulatory framework that has been set up by law to make those projects safe and reduce their environmental impact. As a federal agency the EPA does not have wide latitude to make policy. The policies it follows come from two sources: the laws it is charged with executing, and President Obama who is the head of the executive branch. Thus, even if there was some sort of hidden agenda within the EPA where someone said “Let’s try to stop as much oil drilling as possible!” this could not be accomplished legally (and if it could be accomplished illegally, oil companies would take the EPA to federal court to enjoin their practices, and they would win). Regulation is always a tug-of-war, but it cannot be said that the EPA is trying to prevent a practice that is clearly legal, if it is performed within the boundaries of the law.

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