Is the EPA in charge of the health of our environment?



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    One of the goals of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is to protect the environment.  It is also in charge of protecting the health of all Americans by enacting federal laws and reducing environmental risks wherever they live, work, and play.  EPA also ensures that the United States play a major role in the protection of our global environment by collaborating effectively with other nations.  EPA maintains its efforts in protecting environmental and human health by using the best available scientific data to enact laws and initiatives and also by ensuring that everyone in our society has the opportunity to access accurate information.  In summary, the health of our environment is not only EPA’s responsibility but also the duty of every American.

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    The exact phrasing of Environmental Protection Agency’s mission is slightly different: “to protect human health and to safeguard the natural environment”. So not only is it supposed to be taking care of the environment but also the people, mainly by try to make air, water, and land cleaner and healthier.

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