Is environmentalism kind of like a religion?



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    Environmentalism should be like a religion. If this is the case, it is a religion many more are adopting each day. This religion also has a greater chance to save the world than deity-based religions. Environmentalism is based on ritual, and the better someone follows this ritual, the greater the rewards.

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    No, it is a philosophy. Environmentalism is the philosophy regarding the concerns of environmental conservation and how humans can change their lifestyle to better accommodate the Earth they live on. It began after the Apollo missions, which sparked insight to people because of the famous Blue Marble photograph (which can be found here
    People realized that the Earth is not as large as we thought, and that this is our home.

    Environmentalism therefore is not a belief system like a religion, it is more a rational inquiry to the situation which we live.

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    Although the Apollo missions likely had an impact on environmentalism, they began around the same time as the publishing of one of the most influential books in environmental history, “The Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson (Houghton Mifflin, 1962). Carson and others are actually cited as starting the modern day environmental movement due to their dedication to promoting environmental awareness.

    I do agree however, that environmentalism is a philosophy and not like a religion. It is important to make the distinction since many people feel that environmentalism and religion are actually competing ideals, and thus one cannot be in support of environmentalism if they are religious. Obviously, this is not true, and many religious organizations are beginning to support the climate change research in hopes that their congregations will follow suit.

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