Is the environmental movement capitalist or anti-capitalist?



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    There are both ardent capitalists and vocal ant-capitalists in the environmental movement, and both sides have come up with convincing arguments to make their case.  The capitalist economy in the United States has definitely led to a lot of environmental harm both at home and abroad, and some argue that the only way to save the planet is to abandon capitalism altogether.  Other environmentalists believe that the problem isn’t capitalism itself, but a particular brand of capitalism that has failed to adequately account for environmental values.  Many people have argued that if used correctly, capitalist markets could help solve major environmental problems.  There are lots of diverse opinions on this issue, but the important thing is for both pro-capitalist and anti-capitalist environmentalist to find a way to work together for the common cause of saving life on Earth. 

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    Depending on who you ask, the answer to this question could be either. Many see environmentalism as opposed to capitalism because going green can be expensive and the idea of capitalism is to make money. However, there is such a thing as green business practice as well as businesses that create green products and services (ie the solar power industry). I would say that environmentalism is neither capitalist nor anti-capitalist, but something that can affect business practices overall. 

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