Is environmental journalism a legitimate genre?



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    As of recently, environmental journalism is a legitimate genre.  Many papers have included a green section in the past couple of years to go with the increasing going green trend.  There is plenty to be covered.  In the Washington Post for instance, they have a green column about every week.

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    With climate change having risen to such a high level of importance worldwide, making sense of this issue and others couldn’t be more important than it is today.

    Yes, it’s a legitimate genre and it encompasses a lot of disciplines, not just any one field of study—like science or environmental studies. To be an environmental journalist requires applied knowledge in a lot of areas, such as government policy, social science, biology and chemistry, as well as philosophy and history.Those who do it well aren’t so much advocates as presenters of news and views, information and perspectives.

    We’ve seen the ascendance of environmental journalists most recently at the UN Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen, where many were jailed or attacked while covering environmental and climate change issues. In fact a number of press freedom organizations called on world leaders to protect environmental journalists and give them better access in order to cover these issues. Here’s some coverage of this in the Columbia Journalism Review:

    Those who practice it well have been in the trenches for many years, and there are many literary heroes for those journalists who’ve done it well, inspirational authors like Rachel Carson, Wendell Berry, and Terry Tempest Williams. There are also journalistic heroes as well in newspaper and magazine reporters going back decades, those who wouldn’t have been called environmental journalists when they were writing, like Ida Tarbell, the investigative reporter who went after oil company monopoly practices.

    I invite others to lay out their favorites, environmental reporters, columnists, authors, bloggers!

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    Absolutely. Journalism can focus on every part of news and culture, and each area requires of the journalist a certain knowledge, skill set, and style. Sports, entertainment, politics, and world affairs are all varied subjects in which journalists specialize. As with all fields, however, journalists find what they are covering often overlaps with other areas.

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    I absolutely think it is.  Many people are interested in finding out more about how current events relate to the environment.  Environmental journalism would be the ideal way to find out about these topics.  There’s definitely a large market for it, and I believe that it is very much legitimate as a form of journalism.

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    Definitely – there are several organizations and institutions that are catching on the the Green journalism trend. For example, there’s the Society for Environmental Journalists (, and there are Environmental Journalism options at major universities, such as U of Colorado-Boulder (

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