environmental impact caused by oil leaks in the gulf of mexico

and its effects to the people livelihoods in the area



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    The Gulf Oil Spill has had dire consequences. Firstly, the oil has interrupted marine ecosystems and killed animals. Birds in the area have gotten slicked with oil, and some have died from that. Additionally, some of the clean-up materials, particularly Correxit, have allegedly been detrimental to the fish in the water.

    Humans have also suffered from the oil spill. Oil vapor has polluted the air, and as a result, many have fallen sick. On a more financial note, many fishermen lost their livelihoods as a result of the contaminated water. The spill led to a ban on fishing in some places, and potentially affected the reproduction cycles of fish and shellfish. Louisiana has a 2.4 billion dollar fishing industry, so it would suffer from a loss in fishing. Additionally, many people in the area relied on tourism to make money. During the oil spill, and to some extent, even now because of its stigma, few tourists wanted to go to the affected regions.

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