Enough water for 120 days! Is the fresh water that will eventually melt into the ocean lost forever or will it reform somewhere else?



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    As long as the sun continues to evaporate water in the ocean, the water cycle is ongoing. Water forms as moisture in the atmosphere and is blown by wind, which takes clouds to various climates, where it can eventually fall as snow or rain. Then depending on what type of terrain it falls on, can become a river, lake, glacier or sink to an aquifer. As it moves over the landscape on its way to the ocean, it picks up minerals from the earth and rocks it moves over. Those minerals are carried to the sea, and since they’re too heavy to evaporate, are left behind as the sun evaporates the water- That’s why the sea is “salty.”[img_assist|nid=188463|title=The Water Cycle|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=0|height=0]

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