energy storage for utility scale PV plants

what would the ‘best’ fit energy storage system be for a site that may be susceptible to flooding. With no alternative but for it to be in this place.



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    Since Solar is an intermitten energy source, storage is crucial. One way is with molten salt because it has a high specific heat capacity. Artificial photosynthesis and rechargeable batteries are other ways to store this energy but both are non-grid, making them unregulated.

    As long as your salt batteries were either well insulated against water or elevated you should be fine. Some of the most successful plants you are describing are actually hybrid plants that use natural water features, so with clever planning, a regularly flooding plane could be beneficial. 

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    One very practical possibility is to use electric vehicles (EVs) as storage units for extra electricity. EV owners could program computers to tell the grid when their cars will not be in use so that the power companies know when they can borrow electricity back from the vehicles. This could also lead to EV owners getting a huge discount on their electricity when they sell back energy that they are not using at peak demand times. As for keeping the EVs safe from floods, they would be parked at the place where the energy is consumed rather than at the place where the energy is produced. So, you would not be putting all of your eggs in one basket.

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