Energy to produce farm raised fish? What other type of food does it compare to (energy-wise)?



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    I would think farm raised fish have a pretty big energy demand, because of all the equipment needed to maintain the water environment ideal for the fish. Unfortunately there aren’t any statistics available for these fish farms energy consumptions. But some statistics show how much impact other types of food have. These point to corn being the most efficient (102%), milk (45%), cheese (31%), eggs (19%), apples (15%), chicken (15%), pork (8.5%) and beef (4.3%). I would think that fish can not be much more efficient than chicken, pork and beef.

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    Well actually, Here is a study conducted at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff that shows a feed conversion ratio of channel catfish of 1.9. This is typical in aquaculture.

    Farm raised fish can have very minimal energy demands depending on the system and setup, some use gravity flow, some use minimal water by not draining, while other systems can have higher energy demands.

    Energy audits are being conducted at hatcheries across the world, and as you can see below evaluations of energy consumption in aquaculture are occurring as well.

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