Is energy conservation or water conservation more important?



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    I personally believe that water conservation is more important than energy conservation. I think this because fresh water is a finite resource, it will run out one day. Although fossil fuels are limited, so we will not be able to get energy from them forever, we will find (already have!) other ways to generate electricity. There are definitely problems associated with continuing to use fossil fuels, and I am not advocating that we do so, but eventually one day there will be other ways we have to use when fossil fuels run out. 

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      Just the attitude of conservation and an awareness of one’s resource consumption is immensely useful right now. Be conscious of not leaving the faucet on when you brush your teeth. Get a running toilet fixed. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. These are all good behaviors. Just don’t worry that you’re depriving someone of drinking water when you wash your hands.

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    I agree with rachel that water conservation is probably more important to conserve because there is only so much potable water on the earth. In daily life though, I think it is important not to choose one or the other. Even though we are well on our way to relying on sources other than fossil fuels, nothing else is quite mainstream yet so try to live a conservative life in every area. 

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